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featuresRejseplanen for Chrome En lille Google Chrome extension til
featuresLigeløn i det offentligeDer er få stillinger i det offentlige, hvor kvinder tjener mere end mænd..
featuresStatens økonomiBliv klogere på hvad der kommer ind og ud af statskassen.
featuresKriminalitet I DanmarkSe detaljeret kriminalitetstal for alle landets kommuner.
Kommunal-valget 2009

Valget i sidste år set fra en anden vinkel.

ToolboxHere are some tools that I built out of necessity, convenience and simple need to get stuff done without pushing too many buttons.

CSS selectors Enter a web URL to determine which selectors in the stylesheets are unmatched.
Threaddit Navigate those unruly threads on reddit like a ninja. Scroll past whole threads with a click.
Youtube liteWatch videos on Youtube easier and with alot less waiting, click thru and get going..
Quick website passwordsLogin into thousands of websites with a single click

Run SQL queries on Excel, HTML tables, CSV files, etc. Export them as a database (SQL tables).

I use Google every day, may be you do, too. Spot your search words on every result page. Instantly.

Turns blogs, news sites, forums, and other paginated content on the web into easily readable slides.
Get all the domain information you need with a single click. Any domain, anywhere, any time.
Cleans and unclutters WordPress’ editing pages, get significantly more readable and manageable content.
Filename generator
Quickly create filelist names with this little tool.

Playing with dataTools dealing with log files and data visualization..

Apache web log analyzer
Get a new perspective on the moving parts of your website with this analytics package.
Check the demo page, and get all the details.

FIFA Ballon D’Or 2010
See how Lionel Messi recently won the FIFA World Player of the Year award.
FTP & SSH visualizer
Easily turn your FTP and SHELL logfiles into pretty graphs.
Google Visualization API Wrapper
A small library I wrote sometime back to ease the task of making small widgets with the Google viz API.

A growing collection of all the sweet graphics published by the New York Times.

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